Sacks Manufacturing

The company is primarily engaged in the production of high quality poly-propylene sacks for packaging, cement, agricultural produce and other finished goods which are equally useful for domestic purposes. Within its short time of commencement of production, the factory’s products have become acceptable to reputable industrial giants operating in the cement, food packaging and raw materials sectors of the Nigerian economy.


The organization recently expanded its factory at 389 Agege Motor Road, Mushin, Lagos with the addition of ultra-modern machines acquired from Bag Solutions Worldwide (BSW) Austria/Czech Republic. Consequently, the production capacity of the factory was increased from 9 million to 69 Million polypropylene sacks per annum, consisting of cement, industrial and agro sacks.

Our Products

Our products include Polypropylene Laminated Cement Bags, Industrial Propylene Bags, Agricultural Produce Propylene Bags, Propylene Shopping Bags, Travelling & Storage Bags and Recycled Propylene Granules.
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Snapshots of our Facilities