Polypropylene Laminated Cement Bags

The company is engaged in the manufacture of high quality woven polypropylene (PP) sacks for packaging of cement.

Industrial Propylene Bags

The company is engaged in the manufacture and sale of Rafia Grade of Poly-Propylene (PP) Bags for packaging of industrial products such as cement, flour, salt, fertilizer, life-stock feeds, malt cake for breweries and other processed agricultural produce like cocoa bean cake, palm kernel cake etc.

Agricultural Produce Propylene Bags

The company also produces various sizes of PP bags including the 60 cm & 70 cm sizes that are commonly in demand for packaging of agricultural produce such as garri, cassava, cotton, beans, soya beans, sorghum, maize, rice, wheat, sesame seeds, cocoa beans, cashew-nuts, palm kernel, coffee seeds and other cereals.

Propylene Shopping Bags

The company equally manufactures PP shopping bags of different sizes, for use by customers who need bags of extra strength to carry sundry items some of which are too heavy for ordinary polythene bags.  “RIGGS JAB EXTRA STRENGTH” will always be there in the open market for this purpose.

Travelling & Storage Bags

In addition to the aforementioned bags, the company also produces other traveling and storage bags commonly known in Nigeria as “Ghana-Must-Go” bags.  The popularity of this variant of PP-sacks in Nigeria is outstanding.  It is important to note that the Federal Government has banned the importation of these bags, of which the Chinese dominated the market.  This measure is to encourage the local industry and we are in business to exploit this to the fullest.

Recycled Propylene Granules

Finally, the Sacks Company is engaged in the recycling of Waste PP Materials into PP-Pellets or granules ready for re-use by the plants.

Distribution & Selling Terms

The agro-sacks customers purchase their goods on cash and carry basis while the cement bag customers will be given credits lines ranging from two weeks to one month.


Our company enjoys 30 days credit lines from suppliers of diesel and raw materials dealers. However, administrative consumables are bought on cash and carry basis.

Market Coverage

Our market spread includes Nigeria and parts of the West African sub-region

Related Businesses

The company’s major promoter has interests in one (1) Microfinance Bank and two (2) Bureaux de Change, namely; Riggs Microfinance Bank Ltd (RC 726316), Yellema Bureau De Change and Credit Units Nigeria Ltd (BDC). The operational office of these other business interests is in the company’s head office at Plot 5 Imam Abib Adetoro Street, Victoria Island, Lagos

Snapshots of our Facilities